Learn More about Onsite Recruiting at the Career Fair!

Learn More about Virtual Recruiting at the Career Fair!

Let the ACS Help You Secure the Talent Your Company Needs!

Around the world, leaders in the chemical enterprise trust and depend upon the ACS to provide them with the talent they need to innovate and excel. With more than 170,000 members worldwide, including some of the best minds in chemistry, the ACS is the largest professional scientific association in the world. Having both an onsite and a virtual booth at the ACS Career Fair optimizes your ability to reach out to thousands of ACS members and non-members to secure the talent you need to compete in today's tough economy.


"ACS Careers and C&EN Classifieds are the most consistently successful components of my recruitment strategy here at Novartis.  I strongly recommend ACS Careers to any staffing professional looking for high quality scientists."

Todd O'Malley
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
Human Resources, Manager, Staffing

"By using C&EN Classifieds and ACS Careers,  Amgen is able to reach and hire qualified candidates across a variety of key scientific disciplines."

Christopher Todd
Senior Manager Outreach Programs, AMGEN

"Recently I needed to hire a Principal Scientist II.  I posted my job with ACS Careers & recruited at the job fair finding several qualified candidates; one of which we hired."

Miriam Swiler
Vice President
Human Resources and Public Relations
Irix Pharmaceuticals

"ACS Careers & C&EN are two important tools I use in finding qualified candidates to interview and hire for all my scientific related openings."

Bernice Miller
SRNS Staffing Recruiter
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

"I used to do recruiting for Hercules (among my other duties). It took a lot of time to travel to campuses and talk to students and employment candidates. It is good to know that it is now possible to have an electronic booth at this virtual career fair and interview candidates by video or audio. I know the graduate students and the younger chemists today are more savvy about electronic communication, and they may like this new way to interview. I think this may be particularly useful for smaller businesses. This is a valuable new way of recruiting that saves time and money."

H.N. Cheng
Councilor, Polymer Chemistry Division

Can't attend the meeting in person?

If you can't attend the ACS Career Fair in person, your virtual booth will enable you to reach thousands of ACS Career Fair attendees. Qualified applicants from around the world will visit your virtual booth from their homes or offices; plus, we'll have dedicated computer stations throughout the ACS National Meeting to enable onsite attendees to visit your virtual booth. Our first virtual career fair held last November was a great success: employers had hundreds of candidates visiting their virtual booths each day.

The ACS Career Fair Offers Employers...

  • Reach: This event is promoted to more than 250,000 global scientists and engineers. We expect more than 11,000 scientists at the onsite ACS National Meeting and thousands more participating virtually.
  • Visibility: Your company's logo and link will be on the ACS Career Fair website and in all related email promotions to more than 170,000 global scientific professionals.
  • Screening: Prior to the ACS Career Fair, all attendees will register in the ACS Careers Jobs Database, giving you the opportunity to screen candidates and make interview appointments in advance.
  • Talent: The ACS membership includes the greatest talents in the field of chemistry and its related disciplines, from recent grads to seasoned professionals. Participating in the ACS Career Fair, you'll find the personnel your company needs to thrive.
  • Interviews: You can talk to candidates onsite at the ACS National Meeting and from around the globe using text or video chat.
  • Networking: Onsite and online networking forums as well as Recruiters Row afford you plenty of opportunity for informal meetings with qualified candidates.
  • Presence: As a participating employer, you are entitled to extend your presence for 30 days after the Career Fair via the ACS Jobs Database and your virtual booth.

Who should participate?

If you're looking for highly qualified candidates in the field of chemistry and its related disciplines, the ACS Career Fair is the place you need to be. The ACS offers employers the best opportunity possible to fill their vacant positions with the talent they need to successfully compete in today's tough competitive environment.

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